Is Coffee Good or Bad for Your Teeth?


There’s nothing like a great cup of coffee to start your day. Dropping by Starbucks for a quick coffee run on your way to work has been deeply ingrained in most people’s morning routines. But is coffee good or bad for your teeth? Let’s take a look.

While there are lots of health benefits associated with drinking coffee, the same cannot be said for your teeth. Coffee is a mildly acidic drink that may weaken the tooth enamel, while caffeine reduces saliva production in your mouth.

Another negative effect is that it can also stain your teeth as well. Coffee contains an ingredient called tannin, a type of polyphenol that creates color compounds. The tannic acid may stick to the pits and grooves of the teeth enamel, causing visible stains that may derail your smile.

Some Tricks to Prevent Coffee Stains

If you want to reduce the discoloration of your teeth, you may want to cut down your coffee consumption. If this is something you cannot do, there are other ways so you can still indulge in your coffee habit without the stains.

  • Avoid nursing your coffee for a long period of time. Make sure to finish your cup in one sitting. If you drink it slowly, the prolonged exposure to tannin will cause greater damage compared to drinking it in one go.
  • Avoid putting sugar and cream in your coffee. These two will only create more bacteria and create an acidic environment that will make the bacteria speed up their growth at an exponential rate.
  • Have something to eat while you drink your coffee. Eating food and drinking water will produce more saliva, which is known as the teeth’s natural defense system. The increase in saliva production helps cleanse the acid away.
  • Try drinking coffee with a straw. If you like your coffee iced, using a straw will lessen your teeth’s exposure to coffee.
  • Have your teeth professionally whitened. There are plenty of at-home whitening kits on the market. However, getting your teeth whitened by a professional will be a lot more effective and will last longer.

So, Is Coffee Good or Bad for Your Teeth?

You can find out for sure at your next dental visit!

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