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We can diagnose and treat several common conditions that require oral surgery.

Oral Surgery With IV Sedation

We provide some oral surgery services. While our focus is not solely oral surgery, our dental staff is trained and able to diagnose and surgically treat several conditions in the mouth, jaws, face, neck, and associated regions. In the case of a condition we are not equipped to treat, we are able to refer the patient to an oral surgery specialist nearby.

Conditions We Treat With Oral Surgery

Dental Implants

If you lose a tooth for any reason, we may be able to place dental implants in your jawbone. Not everyone is a good candidate for this surgery. But, if you have healthy bone, you may qualify.

Dental Implants Do 3 Things:

  1. Preserve your healthy bone
  2. Protect the health of surrounding teeth
  3. Restore your beautiful smile

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Many people need their wisdom teeth removed at some point. These third molars often become impacted. This is because the back of the mouth has less space for teeth to grow in.

If your wisdom teeth do not properly come in, they will likely need to be extracted. If you experience pain, swelling, or notice that your wisdom teeth have come in crooked, call our office for an appointment.

Poor Jaw Alignment

Underdeveloped or overdeveloped jaw bones can cause misalignment. This is known as an underbite or overbite. In severe cases, oral surgery is needed to correct poor jaw alignment. After surgical correction, many patients experience much better quality of life.


If your dentist notices an irregular growth or tissue formation in your mouth, we can take a small tissue sample. This is known as a biopsy. We will then have it analyzed to determine the nature of the growth.

TMJ Disorder

The Temporomandibular Joint, or TMJ, is the joint in front of your ear where the lower jaw is hinged. It’s increasingly common for that area to experience pain and restricted movement. Some symptoms include a headache and persistent pain. In some cases, medication, therapy, and splints can help solve the issue. However, if you have serious TMJ disorder, you may need surgery to reconstruct the joint.

We welcome referral patients! Please send all referrals to pdgknoxvilletreatment@gmail.com or call/text our office at (865) 637-5708.

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Schedule your regular dental cleanings with us. We can help you avoid serious, costly problems and keep your smile healthy, confident, and beautiful.


Dental emergencies don’t always fit your schedule. We’re here for you if the unexpected happens. Call us right away for same-day emergency dental care.

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We provide teeth whitening for patients throughout the Knoxville Tennessee area. Our teeth whitening solutions deliver dramatic results.


Orthodontic treatment comes in many forms. Properly fitted braces or other orthodontics result in an optimal bite, straight teeth, and improved self-image.

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