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Endodontics is a specialization of dentistry that specifically treats the inside of your tooth. Using advanced techniques to treat dental pulp and root issues, we address the overall health of your teeth. Your tooth pulp includes the nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues deep inside the tooth. The root is the part of the tooth beneath your gums that holds the tooth in place in your jaw. We treat complex causes of mouth pain to focus on relief and recovery.

Types of Endodontic Procedures

Root Canal

A treatment to remove any infection or bacteria in the tooth. After removing the infection, we reseal the tooth to prevent any future infection.

Endodontic Retreatment

The removal of previous root canal fillings. This is followed by replacing, cleaning, and shaping the tooth.

Traumatic Dental Injuries

Treating physical injury to the teeth or gums. May involve treating complex injuries or emergent tooth infections.

Dental Implants

An artificial tooth that is rooted into your jaw to hold a prosthetic tooth or bridge. Used to restore functionality or looks of a tooth after removal.

Tooth Decay

This is the destruction of your tooth enamel and the outer layer of your teeth. Decay is removed and treated with a filling in most cases.

Cracked Tooth

When a crack runs all the way to the roots, the treatment is a root canal. If the crack is severe enough, it can potentially require extraction.

Most endodontic treatments are outpatient, and you are free to go home directly afterward. You may feel discomfort and soreness for a few days, but some patients can immediately return to work. You may have a follow-up appointment – which is important to protect and restore your tooth. It is important to take dental pain seriously. For that reason, we recommend that you see us as soon as possible.

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See us for your child’s first dentist appointment! It’s best for you to schedule your child’s visit soon after their first tooth erupts and before their first birthday.


Dental emergencies don’t always fit your schedule. We’re here for you if the unexpected happens. Call us right away for same-day emergency dental care.

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Orthodontic treatment comes in many forms. Properly fitted braces or other orthodontics result in an optimal bite, straight teeth, and improved self-image.

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