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Whether you’re looking to get a dental implant or considering teeth whitening, you may be wondering “how are restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry different?” Due to the advancement in dental technology, patients now have access to a huge array of procedures. And many result in beautiful, natural-looking teeth that can withstand the test of time. Knowing these procedures as well as the different types of dentistry will lead to better decisions when it comes to your oral health.

Restorative dentistry is a dental specialty concerned about keeping the teeth and gums healthy. Some of the issues being dealt with in this specialty include cavities that need to be filled and missing teeth that need to be replaced. The dental procedures that fall under this specialty include implants, dentures, fillings, and crowns.

Cosmetic dentistry is another type of dental specialty that mainly deals with enhancing the look of your smile and the general appearance of your teeth. Some of the issues being addressed under this field include yellowing or chipped teeth. Teeth whitening, bridgework, composite bonding, veneers, and contouring are some of the procedures done under cosmetic dentistry.

How are Both Fields Connected?

If you are confused on which field of dentistry to seek treatment, no worries. The Premier Dental Group offers both restorative and cosmetic dentistry services. In addition, these fields can overlap. We often use both of them together to achieve a lifetime of smiles for our patients.

We perform the restorative part first to lay down the foundation and fix any major oral health issues. At that point, we apply the cosmetics part to improve the appearance of your teeth.

For example, professionals consider dental implants as both a restorative and cosmetic procedure. They serve a functional purpose as a replacement to missing teeth and additional support to jawbone density. In addition, they also have an aesthetic purpose, because they can improve one’s smile and overall appearance.

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Knowing what your treatment options are is the first step to great oral health. As a patient at Premier, your well-being always comes first. We will never pressure you to undergo treatments that you don’t need.


Whether you need restorative or cosmetic dentistry services, you can depend on us to give you the oral health care you need. Most of our dentists practice restorative dentistry, while also having an additional specialty. To get started, please give us a call at (865) 637-5708 or book your appointment online.



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