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We provide cosmetic and restorative dental services for better quality of life.

Cosmetic & Restorative Dental Work

Adult teeth may need cosmetic or restorative treatment for a variety of reasons. Decay is at the top of the list. Fractured teeth are also common. And, unfortunately, sometimes old restorations require replacement. We do this restorative work for you so you can have greater quality of life.

At times, we may recommend that you have a cavity treated. If more than a short time passes (2-3 weeks), your cavity will almost always grow larger and more painful. If it does, it usually requires more work to restore. This adds time and expense to the restoration – and is always more expensive. In extreme cases, we may even need to remove your tooth and replace it with an implant or other type of false tooth. Don’t wait in pain! Get your cavity treated as soon as possible.

We do this restorative work for you so you can have greater quality of life.

If you develop a cavity, it should be treated right away. If restoration is called for, our goal is to eradicate decay, restore functionality, and eliminate pain. There are several materials we can choose from in order to fully restore your tooth.

In some cases, you may have a cavity before you even experience pain. In fact, the optimal time to treat or restore a cavity is before it causes pain. Doing so makes the process easier and less expensive in the long run by reducing the complexity of the treatment.

After a Tooth Restoration:


During each appointment after your cavity is filled or any other restoration is done, we will inspect your restorations, including:





During our inspection, we’ll look for signs of decay, wear and tear, or old age. In some cases, x-rays may be needed. If you do have a cavity, we will present you with options to bring full function and comfort to your tooth. The early stage of a cavity allows for the most options, such as a home fluoride rinse. Hopefully, a cavity treated early will not require restoration.

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Schedule your regular dental cleanings with us. We can help you avoid serious, costly problems and keep your smile healthy, confident, and beautiful.


Dental emergencies don’t always fit your schedule. We’re here for you if the unexpected happens. Call us right away for same-day emergency dental care.

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We provide teeth whitening for patients throughout the Knoxville Tennessee area. Our teeth whitening solutions deliver dramatic results.


Orthodontic treatment comes in many forms. Properly fitted braces or other orthodontics result in an optimal bite, straight teeth, and improved self-image.

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