Is it Worth it to Professionally Whiten Your Teeth?


Do you wish you had that sparkling, movie star smile? If that sounds familiar, you may have wondered, “is it worth it to professionally whiten your teeth?” A confident smile is something others notice right away. Keep reading as we explore why it’s a good idea to look into professional teeth whitening. But first, why do they need whitening in the first place?

As you may have guessed, smoking is a big cause of discolored teeth. Different foods and drinks also cause discoloration. Below are a few examples:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Soda
  • Wine
  • Dark berries
  • Energy drinks

Now, we can get into the value of professional teeth whitening – and whether it’s worth it or not.

Is it Worth it to Professionally Whiten Your Teeth? 2 Options

When it comes to getting that bright smile, you have two options. At home or at the dentist’s office. Let’s look at each of those.

1. At-home Teeth Whitening

At-home products, such as whitening strips and abrasive toothpastes, don’t often help as much as expected. In addition, abrasive toothpaste can potentially harm your enamel. Over-the-counter whitening kits seem to cost less. However, in the end, they might not. It depends what you buy and how often. They’re okay in a pinch, but won’t last very long. Also, the peroxide percentage in whitening strips bought at the store is very low. The peroxide used at the dentist office is much stronger. This makes a big difference in how long the whitening lasts.

The at-home option is one many choose because of price. Sadly, on top of not lasting as long, it may cause tooth sensitivity. This the biggest reason to opt for your dentist. You need a place where you can have a consultation and know you are in professional hands.

2. Dentist’s Office Teeth Whitening

Your dentist will treat your teeth, protect your gums and also treat below the surface of the teeth. In some cases, the discoloration begins below the surface – in the root of the the tooth. Dentin layer death can occur after a root canal, causing darkening. Your dentist can safely and reliably insert a bleaching agent into the empty space where the pulp used to be. This will whiten your teeth from the inside out.

Your dentist will also take your sensitivity into account. Healthy teeth are vital to good quality of life. If you have teeth whitening done on damaged teeth, cavities, gum recession, etc. you could easily waste your money and cause more teeth issues. Having your dentist whiten your teeth is ideal because they have more than one option for you to choose from.

If you want the confidence of a bright smile, call your dentist today. They have the resources and experience to give you the results you’re hoping for.



So, is it worth it to professionally whiten your teeth? We think so. Now that you have some reasons why, you don’t need to wait. The experienced dentists at Premier Dental Group are here to answer any of your questions. Call (865) 290-1232 to set up your appointment today.


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