3 Reasons Why Children Need Orthodontic Care


Do you know someone who recently had their braces removed? They tend to smile a lot, don’t they? Ever wondered why children need orthodontic care – or if the procedure was medically necessary?

We can help with that. Keep reading for the answer to that question.

3 Reasons Why Children Need Orthodontic Care

There is no set time to bring your child in to see an orthodontist. However, most professionals say to consider it when your child is around 7 years old. The reason? Permanent teeth usually begin to come in between 6-7 years old. That makes it the perfect age to evaluate a child’s dental structure. They are still growing, and we can easily see if treatment will be needed.

Let’s discuss a few reasons why children need orthodontic care, and the benefits it offers.

 1. A Healthy Bite

An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in straightening and aligning the teeth. Our job is to create a healthy bite – which means that the jaw and teeth line up correctly. Misalignment can come from sucking the thumb, poor dental hygiene, accidents, and other less-common causes. In addition, inherited orthodontic problems can add to these issues.

An unhealthy bite can lead to further problems, like TMJ and poor oral health. Many children suffer from gaps in their teeth, snoring, speech or chewing difficulties, bad bites, misaligned or protruding teeth, etc. An orthodontist can treat each according to their problem. We’ll make sure your child ends up with an optimal bite.

2. Self-Confidence

Sometimes tooth misalignment can cause speech problems, such as a lisp. This can make a child feel self-conscious. It can also cause them to have a hard time with chewing their food. Their teeth may grind when chewing. This problem can lead to teeth having uneven wear patterns, which can lead to more cavities.

A plus of having orthodontic care is the ability to chew and speak clearly. The teeth also look attractive, which can help build self-confidence. When we greet someone, our smile is one of the first things they see.

But it’s not just about looks. Straight teeth also have less risk of gum disease, injury, and decay.

3. Better Teeth Cleaning

If teeth are too close together, it is hard for children to brush properly. In addition, they may also find reasons not to floss regularly. You know what that means – dental problems down the road. Teeth that are properly aligned are easier for children to care for.



We hope this helps with any questions you may have regarding orthodontic care for children. Your oral health – and your child’s oral health – are very important to us. Feel free to contact us online or call the office at (865) 290-1228 during normal business hours. We’re looking forward to helping you gain optimal oral health!


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